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About Me

My skincare services are based on customized facials that suit all skin types and concerns that you might have. Hair Removal services include full body waxing/shaving and also body treatments to help you look and feel clean and great. 

I predominantly focus on Skin Health for Men and Women. Women and Men skin have different issues.

Men have more testosterone stimulated oil glands, thicker and more course skin so they are more prone to acne troubles. The skin is also typically exposed to more harsher environments than women, not to mention the daily shave and alcohol-rich aftershaves that can add sensitivity to the skin. For men, facials and body treatments are a great way to promote skin health and give a younger appearance, increase circulation, and stimulate growth of new cells. This process also nourish and hydrate dry, damaged skin improving skin improving skin tone and texture.

I utilize different styles of bodywork. Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) massage to help with sore and problem areas of the body. Your Relaxing massage creates a calming deep soothing experience so you can unwind from your daily routine. Pressure of massage, from a light touch to deep tissue, is modified to suit your needs.

For a complete bio, including my educational background and approach to massage therapy/skincare, simply give me a call or send me an email. 

I look forward to hearing from you.


Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Aesthetician

LA 5048 LA 1030590624


903 Upperline St

New Orleans, La 70115

Cash and Major Credit Cards

Signature Debit Cards

HSA/FSA with Doctor's prescription


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