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Manscaping is the modern term for the removal of body hair by shaving or trimming.This is great for gentlemen who prefer hair removal services, but do not desire to be waxed. Your body's musculature and shape are greatly enhanced when the body hair is well groomed. Having too much hair can be distracting and also take away from the look of the body. Just being well groomed in general is not only healthier, but it makes you feel and look better.

Clipper / Trimming Services

Full Back ~ 30

Full Chest ~ 40

Male Brazilian ~ 60

Buttocks ~ 30

Arms ~ 30

Legs ~ 50

Full Body ~ 150

Hot Towel Shave Services

Full Back ~ 40

Full Chest ~ 50

Arms ~ 45

Legs ~ 60

Head ~ 35

Male Brazilian ~ 60

Back / Chest Male Brazilian ~ 125

Full Body ~ 200

Need A Custom Manscaping Session? 

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